“I’ve got so much to do today so I can’t go out tonight, it’s just so depressing.”

“It’s so depressing – Martha got kicked off the Bake Off.”

“…the most embarrassing thing ever, I could have killed myself.”

“How do you feel today?” “Trivialised.”

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I’ve realised why I don’t have bad days anymore. And I’m not as better as I thought. To experience a bad day or good day there must be something to experience. Obviously. Be it sounds, smells, sights, emotions, bad or good. But what if you can’t experience things like you used to, can’t see or […]

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Not even a doodle

I don’t really have bad days anymore. Not in the same way. No more of the endless lethargy that used to have me in its clutches. In a way I’m happy – it means I’m getting better, that I’m making progress, no matter how small the steps are. This part of me can experience joy, […]

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Shadow of the Valley

Last term I almost killed myself. Which I’ll admit is a rather abrupt and blunt way of putting it, but it’s not really a delicate matter. It’s raw, it’s painful, it’s bleeding, it’s unpleasant: an affront to our natural sensibilities. But it was. It almost happened. It’s not a hopeless place, there is always hope. […]

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